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Welcome to the Counder Portfolio, where we proudly showcase the companies in which we hold equity positions. Our selection process is based on a thorough evaluation of each company's potential for driving growth, innovation, and impact between Europe and Africa. The details below highlight the reasons for our confidence in these businesses and their ability to achieve success in the future. We are proud to present these companies and invite you to learn more about why they are an integral part of the Counder Portfolio.

Seon Logo

SEON is building enterprise grade operating systems for emergency service providers in Africa and beyond.

In doing that SEON empowers these services to respond faster and save lives.

dittolabs Logo

dittolabs is taking the alternative dairy market by storm, from Africa to the world, with their innovative products and unwavering commitment to sustainability.

Their game-changing approach is making waves and quickly establishing the brand already as a leading name in the world of dairy alternatives, offering consumers a truly superior option.

Botlhale Logo

Botlhale AI is the cutting-edge solution for conversational AI. With a suite of powerful Natural Language Processing tools, the company is revolutionizing the way people interact with technology in African languages.

By breaking down language barriers, Botlhale AI provides individuals with a more natural and effective way to access digital solutions.

Kuruba Logo

Kuruba takes a decisive approach to drive digital transformation in African convenience stores, solving their challenges and optimizing operations through advanced technology.

Kuruba is pioneering an innovative distribution channel. Local brands and manufacturers can now, in a seamless and efficient manner, distribute their products and offer a superior shopping experience.

Launch Africa Ventures Logo

Launch Africa Ventures is a leading Pan-African VC Fund, disrupting the status quo and revolutionizing the way early-stage startups in Africa receive funding and support.

The fund focusses on technology-driven startups with exceptional management teams and scalable solutions.

Launch Africa has a proven track record of backing excellent B2B and B2B2C companies.

Revix Logo

Revix is an innovative investment platform that's making wealth management accessible to everyone. Revix is on a mission to revolutionize the investing experience and empower individuals to take control of their finances.

The company's name, which stands for "revolutionary investment experience," reflects their commitment to changing the game in finance and enable hassle-free asset management for its users.

Invest with Counder

We are pleased to extend an invitation to experienced angel investors to co-invest with us. Our co-investment opportunities provide a unique opportunity to share in the success of these businesses and diversify your investment portfolio. Our team of experienced professionals will work closely with you to understand your investment objectives and tailor an investment solution that meets your needs.

Elevate the growth journey of your venture together with Counder.