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Bridging the Gap

Only together can we create a better world for every living person. Every small action you take can have a profound ripple effect on vulnerable communities that experience the world with a level of hardship that Europeans are lucky enough never to have to go through. In Africa, entrepreneurs face tremendous challenges. Aside from meeting basic needs like food, water, and education, entrepreneurs face an uphill battle to build a tech startup. This is where we can help. Counder has feet on the ground since 2018, arriving with just hand luggage and an idea for a pioneering ecosystem that will propel African entrepreneurs to achieve the level of success that European business leaders have enjoyed. SEON, the startup revolutionising security in Africa, is proof that the bridge between German engineering and local talent, including sales experts that understand the fine details of doing business in Africa is a winning combination.


Another key element of that winning combination is the African mindset. Ubuntu is a great expression that explains this mindset. It means I am because we are. In Africa, passion, hope, and togetherness are the traits that will foster the next wave of innovation. We can’t do great things alone. And at the heart of the digital revolution is the mobile-first generation. This tech-savvy, ambitious, youthful workforce is ready to build and they are hungry to solve some of the nation’s biggest problems. There are countless problems that technology can overcome that will improve the quality of life for Africans. African e-entrepreneurs are already transforming the agricultural sector through digitalisation. And mobile and digital technologies have helped boost financial inclusion in Africa significantly in recent years. However, more than half a billion people still live without access to electricity. New power system innovation (technology, policy, business models, etc.) can shape a socially inclusive energy transition for the continent. These are just some of the areas where tech entrepreneurs can have a real impact.


At Counder we are multidisciplinarians focused on where we can have the biggest impact. We are architects, mathematicians, engineers, artisans, line workers and much more. A shared purpose brings us together. Our lofty goal is to build a knowledge bridge that will connect proven entrepreneurs and international investors in Europe with ambitious local talent in Africa. This connection between the raw high potential of Africa and the established know-how of European business leaders will unlock tremendous opportunities of which the continent has never seen before.

To solve real problems and sustain life on our planet it is urgent and imperative that we tackle existential threats like climate change, hunger and pandemics as a diverse team. This won’t work if we continue to work in isolation.

Now is our chance to generate a momentous impact that will reshape life in Africa as we know it.

Will you join our mission?